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We want to hear and share your story and to put a face on the tens of thousands of names of the people who are awaiting organ transplant or who have shared in this experience. Please submit your story in your own words (a family member can submit a story for you. The story can be as long or as short as you desire. Please note that we make every effort to submit your story completely in your words but there will possibly be edits and Suzanne will add an introduction and closing to most stories.

Please submit pictures of you or your loved one who is awaiting organ transplant or who recently received an organ transplant & experienced the long process of illness and uncertainty. Feel free to include family members, favorite pets etc…up to four pictures will be included with each story.

This is a FREE service made available in order to increase organ donation awareness. Please note that In submitting your story along with pictures, you agree to the terms of publishing the story/photos.

NOTE: You must enter your name and email or preferred contact info in the event we have questions prior to  publishing your story!

  • In the verification box below enter any 2 digits with no spaces. This is simply a way to prevent spam. It verifies that an actual person is entering this information. After entering all information and the two-digit verification number of your choice, click the "submit" button. (Be sure that you have included contact info, name & uploaded at least one photo above)